Welcome to the CTBTO Web Portal

As announced in WGB Sessions, the PTS has introduced a new IDM (Identity Management) & SSO (Single Sign-On) infrastructure which provides users with a unified sign-on and authentication portal to all externally accessible PTS services.

The new IDM & SSO infrastructure eliminates much of the need for multiple usernames and passwords and will enable users to log into most systems with a single sign-on.

Once a web session has been established, users can access additional resources using the same browser session without additional log-ins.

PTS Applications

NDC Forum

The NDC forum is a collaborative platform for information sharing between NDCs and the PTS.

Web-Grape Internet Based Service (IBS)

Web-Grape IBS allows users to post-process and visualize Atmospheric Transport Modelling (ATM) processing results.

Secure Web Portal

This portal allows NDCs and other authorized users access to IMS data and IDC products.

This is a replacement for the old Secure Web Site.

Experts Communication System (ECS)

ECS is used by CTBTO staff, WGB delegates and other experts to communicate and exchange documents and other information.

To request access to the ECS, please download the application form from "IDM & SSO Services" on the top of this page.


RNToolkit is an advanced web software tool to provide CTBTO authorized users enhanced access to radionuclide detection results of IMS certified particulate stations and noble gas systems, based on data analysis in IDC Operations.

Performance Reporting Tool

PRTool shows key performance indicators (KPIs) and enables continuous reportable quality measures of PTS projects, processes and products.

State of Health

SOH shows the operating state of IMS stations.

Verification Data Messaging System

Documentation of the usage of the VDMS - web-service which allows principal users to request IMS data and IDC products.

External DOTS

The DOTS (Database of the Technical Secretariat) is an integrated database together with web-based applications, to store and manage information relevant to Commission's Programmes.

PTS Public Key Infrastructure (PKI) Portal

Resource for Data Surety/PKI related activities including requisition of Certificates by PKI Operators.


IMS Incident Reporting System used for communication between PTS and station operators.

Knowledge and Training Portal (KTP)

The Commission’s integrated e-learning platform for interactive digital training, testing, and supporting of live events.